Techniques of Pest Control

9341194504_d652471723_zAll organisms in this world are interconnected keeping where one depends on the other for food. Nature is designed in such a way that organisms keep each other in check. Civilization however destabilizes the natural process of life manifested in increase in certain species of animals which we now call pests. They feed on our crops and increase in population to dangerous levels. Over the years mankind has used various techniques to try and curb the encroachment of pests on their farm, most of which do more harm than good. The most environmentally friendly method of curbing pests is the way nature does it. A lot of modern pest control companies, such as Green Home Pest Control use just eco-friendly methods in order to deal with bugs, rats, insects and etc. These eco-friendly methods are as follows:

  1. Sticky traps
    These are useful in dealing with flying insects that are destructive to your fruits and even flowers. There are custom traps that are fitted to the diameter of the plant that can be placed round the plant. They can also be hanged close to the plant each 4 feet apart. After laying the trap you now have to direct the pests to the trap by shaking the branches of your trees.
  2. Covering your bush
    The use of translucent polyester plastic bags that are porous to allow the plant circulation of air. The plastic bags need to be translucent to allow enough light through. The logic behind these is to cut off the bests from their food source and they will eventually die out. The downside is that you will have enclosed you plant in an oven of sorts which could result in your crops dying out as well. The trick is to use thinner translucent fabric. These floating row covers are used when the plants are at a very susceptible age because if you leave them on the harvest will definitely reduce in volume.
  3. Hormone-laced traps
    If you know the kind of pests that constantly attack your crops you can have an upper hand over them by using traps that are designed to lure them to their capture. Organisms are attracted to each other through sensing the pheromones released by their partners. Using this logic you can lace your trap with specific scents to attract the male insects and 8190687133_4b72782e47_zhence stopping their population from growing.
  4. Ecological sprays
    Research has shown that pesticide sprays kill the essential organisms in the soil and might even cause health problems if they are absorbed by the crops cultivated. Using oil spays derived from animal fat could just be the next best thing. These oil sprays need to be prayed directly to the pests so as to suffocate them. Keep in mind to keenly attack the pest not the plant. Using a lighter oil concoction that evaporates easily could be ideal to avoid stressing the plant.
  5. Organic Soap
    The use of organic soap can also be effective to suffocate the insects and just as before application should be to the harmful insects directly. Soap generated from animal’s fatty acids can act as environmentally friendly insecticides.

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